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Several nearby activities:

  • Puy-de-Dôme’s summit at just 10 minutes from the campsite,
  • Journey to the heart of the LEMPTEGY Volcano, vulcanology in an all-natural setting.
  • VULCANIA: European Centre of Volcanism
  • Several trails in the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne: on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback...and also...Donkey rides! (see below)
  • Discovering Roman art. Our 5 most important churches: Basilique d'Orcival, Eglises de St Nectaire, Issoire, St Saturnin, Notre Dame du Port in Clermont-Ferrand
  • Farm visits: cheese, honkey and charcuterie making (the "Bienvenue à la ferme" booklet is available at our reception desk)
  •  Discovering the Wine, Cheese and Auvergne castle routes
  • Crater lakes: Guéry, Servière, Pavin, Aydat, Chambon...You can even have a swim and do some fishing.
  • Visit to Clermont-Ferrand: the cathedral, Blaise Pascal museum: inventor of the arithmetic machine, Art museum, Montferrand’s old quarter, Michelin...

In winter:

  • Cross-country skiing at the Nordic ski area of Guéry-Orcival (10 minutes away)
  • Several snowshoe walks
  • Downhill skiing at Mont Dore (20 minutes away)

The younger ones will keep still...

comfortably seated on their mounts.


The starting line

The kids are ready for the great journey through the Volcans d'Auvergne.


Both young and old

will love it here.